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Advancing Psychology  in Australian Higher Education

HoDSPA is the Heads of Departments and Schools of Psychology Association, and represents leaders in psychology governance, teaching and learning, and management of research across our member institutions.

Members from over forty public and private Universities and Institutes across Australia.

HoDSPA Members (HEPs) train and educate psychologists and psychology graduates at undergraduate and post graduate levels across Australia.

HoDSPA members work on policy and advocacy in areas such as:

  • Regular submissions to APHRA such as updating the APS code of ethics, competencies for general registration of Psychologists.
  • Submissions to the Minister of Health advocating for the discipline of psychology. For example, HoDSPA submission to successfully change the CSP contribution for Psychology to recognise the undergraduate clinical pathway; we are now working on changing the allocation to be more equitable over Psychology programs across Australia.
  • Submission to the Australian University Accord
  • Submission to the Productivity Commission
  • Development of a new, redesigned national referencing system for Professional Programs and national a National Admissions System
  • New Indigenous student pathways into the profession of psychology
  • Recent discussions with the APS to revolutionise psychology education to put more psychologists out in the community more quickly than is currently the case
  • Submission to the Kruk review; regulatory settings relating to health practitioner registration and qualification recognition for overseas health professionals and international health students